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Growing up I loved going to the Chicago Museum of Art when we visited my grandparents, but I never thought I was “artistic.” Several years ago a great aunt went to live in a nursing home. She took up painting with acrylics and even though her vision was failing she painted for the joy of creating and the delight of color. Everyone went home with a painting. I realized that art didn’t have to be perfect to bring joy to the creator or the viewer. I began reading books on drawing, then started lessons with Dianne Norman several years ago. I have enjoyed painting in all mediums, but am especially drawn to the diversity and challenges of watercolor.

I still fight the side of me that wants my pictures to be detail perfect but, as Dianne pointed out, cameras will take perfect pictures. We get to translate what we feel and can even alter reality to create the feeling we want to express. Taking up painting has broadened my awareness of the varieties of other artists’ techniques and brings a new fascination to studying every painting I see.

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